JOIN or RENEW in the Colorado Women Flyfishers Club

Welcome New Members and Returning Members!

Membership in Colorado Women Flyfishers entitles you to benefits such as the monthly meetings and informative programs, monthly club newsletter, eligibility to enroll in instructional clinics, CWF fishing outings, parties and social events, fishing buddy roster and lots, lots more.

Want to know more, check out this page: Membership Benefits.

Our membership dues cover a calendar year (January 1st to December 31st). If you renew or join after October 1st, your dues apply to the next calendar year.  Our annual dues: $40


Apply for CWF Membership

There are two different methods to apply for CWF membership – online and paper methods.  Which ever method you are more comfortable with is the method you should use.

The application process involves three steps:

  1. Complete CWF Application Form (Online or Paper)
  2. Membership Dues Payment (Check, Credit Card or PayPal)
  3. Complete CWF Acknowledgement of Risk Form (AOR)

Online Application Process

To start the online registration process, click here: Online Application.  Once you completed the application and pay through PayPal you must proceed to completing the AOR form. This can be done online as well.  See below for instructions.

Paper Application Process

If you would prefer to print the Application Form and Acknowledgement of Risk forms instead, open the forms and print them.  Fill them out and send them with your payment to the membership director.  Follow this link to the forms and mailing address: Paper Application.

The paper method can also be used at the membership meeting with the membership director.  You will have to pay with a check at the meeting so bring your checkbook.

Acknowledgement of Risk (AOR)

If have already paid and just need to sign the AOR and send it to the membership director follow these steps:

  1. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (if necessary)
  2. Download and (print to sign with a pen) or (digitially sign and email) AOR Form
  3. Instructions for downloading and saving with different browsers here
  4. Instructions for completing and digitally signing the AOR form with Adobe Acrobat Reader here
  5. Instructions for saving and emailing the AOR form to the CWF Membership Director here