Club Activities


CWF produces a monthly newsletter that provides information on club activities, stories and articles on flyfishing and other topics of interest to our members. The newsletter does not accept commercial advertising.


CWF coordinates group fishing outings (one-day, weekend and longer) as often as humanly possible throughout the year! For each trip, a volunteer trip coordinator provides information, preferred flies and directions to the area. Members can chat and coordinate joining our trips on our member-only chat group. 


CWF sponsors periodic instructional and educational activities for members. In the past, these have included an all-day “hands-on” clinic covering topics such as flyfishing techniques, entomology, knot tying, reading water, and casting techniques, evening fly tying sessions where members can share recipes and practice tying common and “secret weapon” flies.

Special Functions:

CWF holds special events for its members periodically, such as its annual holiday party and the summer picnic / “gearage” sale. The club also participates in river cleanups and other community activities from time to time.


Members are encouraged to join committees that organize and provide club services. The committees include: Education, Funding, Membership, Public Relations/Outreach, Special Projects, Technology and Trips.