Fly Tying

Fly Tying Resources

Whether you are a fly-tying veteran, a beginning tyer, or just want to learn about the flies you are using to fish with, these references offer a wealth of information.

Online References:

Charlie’s Fly Shop

A local Denver Metro Area (Arvada) fly shop with over 160 patterns available. The pattern comes with a description, pictures and the pattern details on how to tie.

Orvis Flytying specializes is fly tying supplies & materials.


Great source for flytying supplies

Flytying Forum discussion groups

A great link to a discussion group about flytying! Also includes a couple other discussion groups that are all very good resources. This is a free public forum.

Flytying Forum Fly Database

This site has an extensive library of fly tying patterns. You can browse the patterns by category. They have also included a glossary for those of us who are just starting out tying. This site is a member site but the membership is free and for now this library is still free to the public.

Beginning Fly Tying

Are you just getting started? This is the site for you! This site includes a section with step by step “lessons” that are geared towards beginners! This site is also a great source of suggested reading.

The FlyFisherman’s Magazine Fly Tier’s Bench

This is Fly Fisherman’s Magazine Fly Tier’s Bench. There are patterns, techniques recommended tools and materials and much more. Check it out.

Offline References:

40 Best Trout Flies by Robert H. Alley, Robert S. Alley. A grouping of 40 flies that will catch trout anywhere in the world

A.K’s Fly Box by A.K. Best, John Gierach. Ever wonder what’s in the flybox of a professional fly-tier? Take a look and find out how to tie them!

The Angler’s Fly Identifier by Dr. Stephen J. Simpson, Dr. George C. McGavin. An excellent reference work. A great way to match the artificials to the naturals. This book is full of color photos of the natural insects as well as the fly patterns. The life cycle of the insects is discussed and the naturals are grouped into easy to understand categories.

The Book of Fly Patterns by Eric Leiser

Fly Patterns of Umpqua Feather Merchants: 1,100 of the World’s Best Flies by Randall Kaufmann

Fly Patterns : An International Guide by Taff Price

Production Fly Tying by A. K. Best. A guide to tying better and faster. Is it for the professional tier? Maybe. But it is also for anyone who would like to tie a few more flies per session and build better flies in the process.

Trout Flies, Proven Patterns by Gary LaFontaine

Tying Dry Flies by Randall Kaufmann. An excellent fly tying manual that explains how to tie several flies step by step and then presents dozens more patterns and photographs.

Tying Nymphs by Randall Kaufmann. Another superb work by Kaufmann. Full of details, step by step instructions and photos.