Beyond Trout : A Flyfishing Guide by Barry Reynolds, John Berryman (Contributor), John Gierach

Flyfishing in Colorado by Marty Bartholomew

Carp on the Fly: A Flyfishing Guide by Barry Reynolds, Brad Befus, John Berryman. It had to happen! I guess carp are going to get trendy now. Gierach has been writing about, and participating in, a carp tournament for years and now there is a guide to carp on the fly. My first carp on a flyrod was a thirty inch twelve pounder that took a long time to land on a six-weight rod and left me wondering why I had never done this before! They can be “spooky” zooming away at the slightest disturbance in the water. They can be selective refusing absolutely perfect casts if the fly is not exactly what they want, and most of all they are fun, abundant and BIG.

The Complete Handbook of Flyfishing Knots, Lines, Leaders, and Rigs by Dennis Britton, Terry Gun

Fly Fishing: A Woman’s Guide by Dana Rikimaru “I knew I was in trouble when I began to dream about fly fishing … Fly¬†fishing had become a passion, not just a pastime. I was hooked,” writes author Dana Rikimaru, one of America’s leading¬†fly fishing instructors, of her beginnings in this poetic sport. Filled with adventures and encouragement contributed by women who are already fly fishing, this woman-to-woman guide gives you everything you need to wade right in … to know where to go … what to take … and how to savor every moment of discovering a new sport. It even provides resources that can connect you with other women fly fishers. So whether you fly fish “to catch fish” (even if you release them to be caught another day) or because, as the author says, “trout live in beautiful places,” this guide is a woman’s path into a very special activity.

Fly Fishing for Dummies (For Dummies) by Peter Kaminsky

Fly Fishing Small Streams by John Gierach. More of a how-to and why book than Gierach’s usual fishing tales. A good resource from someone who knows the subject.

Fishing Small Streams With a Fly Rod by Charles R. Mecca

Joan Wulff’s Fly Casting Techniques Joan Wulff and Francis Davis

The Lovely Reed : An Enthusiast’s Guide to Bamboo Rodbuilding Jack Howell and Rod Walinchus

North American Fly-Fishing Bob Newman

The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide Tom Rosenbauer A great guide for the beginning flyfisher. It contains excellent illustrations and covers most of the basics in an easy to digest form.